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Published on June 16th, 2014 | by No Brainer


Three Defenders

Three Defenders is an action, castle defender type of game in which you choose to play one of the three unique characters: Ranger, Mage and Engineer. Each character provides you different set of abilities and weapons as well as a different gameplay. Ranger relies on leveling up passive skills that increase attributes of the character. Mage is for more demanding players that want more interaction with the game. It relies on casting powerful spells. Engineer is like a character in the middle. You buy and upgrade turrets that help you to defend castle. World of the game consists of 58 villages that are levels. Once level is completed new villages are unlocked. Choose your own path! There are 6 unique environments with unique music in the background to make the game even more immersive!

– 3 unique characters to play
– 6 unique environments and soundtracks
– Non linear world. You choose which path to go.
– 58 levels to complete
– 31 unique monsters

Download Three Defenders Now

“If you are not sure if this is the game you would enjoy and like, we have made a demo version for you! So, please play a free version of the game, have fun with it, have a taste of it, feel it and enjoy it! If you liked it, you can buy a full version, play without limits and enjoy it even more!

Three Defenders No Brainer

Summary: Great graphics and good gameplay glad we got to play it.



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