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Published on June 10th, 2013 | by David Johnson


Drop Everything, AirDrop is Coming to iOS


If you own a Mac that is no more than four-years old, you almost certainly have a feature called AirDrop. It is located in the sidebar of the Finder. It is a relatively easy way to share files between Macs on the same network. Once you click on AirDrop, you will see all AirDrop capable Macs on that network. You drag and drop your file or folder onto that Mac. The recipient gets a notice that someone is trying to share a file. Once permission is granted, the file will be sent.

I have used the feature only once or twice, mostly for testing purposes. I just don’t have the need to share things between my computers except for what I sync with iCloud. However, If I worked in a small office where there were a handful of Mac users on the same team, the feature might make more sense to me. Another scenario where it might make sense is if the sharing could be done between a Mac and an iOS device, or between two iOS devices.

According to the sources I have read, and my own intuition about true things, I am almost certain that this is a feature that will be announced today at WWDC. Right now, I already share a lot of information between my iPhone and iPad. I use a combination of iCloud and third-party solutions. It gets the job done for me. For Apple’s solution to be better than what I am already using, it needs to be network independent. That means that It should not matter what network I’m on. In fact, I shouldn’t have to be on any network at all. Every iDevice has high-speed wifi. Devices should be able to communicate directly through the wifi within the device. Such communication is called, Wifi Direct.

The other thing that needs to happen is that Apple will need to expose some type of file system on iOS to make this really useful. If i drop a text file onto my iDevice, I should be able to open it with any app that can read and edit a text file. I shouldn’t have to remember which app I used to create it, or open it originally. If Apple launches this feature without addressing these issues, It will, at beast, be incomplete. I would find little reason to use it over something like Drop Box. We will know for certain in a few hours.

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