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“LightonZ” App is a Text Recorder where you can enter and edit your own compositions, as well as the option of including multimedia.
You can create your own personalised recordings to play back as often as you need it, conveniently displayed on your mobile device.

Use the LightonZ Text Recorder for
‣Study Notes
‣Creative Writing
‣Ideas Recording
‣Motivational Text
‣Inspirational Text
Also, you may add to the existing saved text and build up your LightonZ like an Essay, so it becomes your ongoing Composition,
that progresses as you find more relevant information, or inspiration to complete your saved LightonZ.

LightonZ is limitless, imagine it, conceive it, compose it, make it, your LightonZ.




LightonZ No Brainer

Summary: A intuitive app to bring your inspirational ideas to life



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